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APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT POSITION APPLIED FOR: __________________________________ Please read the Job Description and Person Specification for the role you are applying for before completing the application form. Please type in the spaces provided and answer as fully as possible. The boxes will expand as you type. Please send this duly completed back to along with your cover letter and CV. DO NOT ATTACH CERTIFICATES OR ANY OTHER TESTIMONIALS. Personal Details First name (s) Surname Middle name (s) Title (i.e. Mr/ Mrs/Miss/Dr etc) Correspondence address: Mobile Telephone: Work Telephone: Permanent Residence address: Home Telephone: Personal Email: Nationality: ID/Passport No. Driving License: Indicate Y/N: Certificate of good conduct (MANDATORY): Indicate Y/N: Experience No. of years of experience? No. of years of supervisory experience? Salary and conditions: Please give the salary and main terms and conditions of employment of your current or most recent job. Include all allowances. Please provide expected salary, allowances and benefits if selected for this position When would you be available to work for Olturoto Children’s Village? Please include details of any notice period you are required to give Qualifications and Training Please list any academic education and professional/work related training you have undertaken which would be relevant to working for Olturoto Children’s Village in the specific role. Please list in chronological order with most recent first. Please do not enclose certificates with your application. You are required to present these during the face to face interview. Qualification obtained/Course completed Date Achieved Place of Education Employment History Please summarise your previous jobs starting with the most recent, briefly detailing your main responsibilities. Please include any voluntary posts or other positions of responsibility held. Dates Employer Job Title Location Reason for leaving Main responsibilities and achievements Dates Employer Job Title Location Reason for leaving Main responsibilities and achievements Dates Employer Job Title Location Reason for leaving Main responsibilities and achievements Dates Employer Job Title Location Reason for leaving Main responsibilities and achievements After reading the job description and person specification, please explain how your skills and experience meet the requirements of the job. Please use no more than one side of A4. Languages Language E.g. English / French etc… Spoken Yes / No Written Yes / No Reading Yes / No Level Mother Tongue / Fluent / Moderate/ Basic References This post is offered subject to receipt of references satisfactory to Olturoto Children’s Village. They should be from your recent employment and be able to comment on your professional skills/experience. At least one reference must be your most recent employer. We will not make contact with your referees until an offer of employment has been made. E-mail addresses are preferable so we can action this quickly. Reference 1 Reference 2 Forename(s): Forename(s): Surname: Title: Surname: Title: Your relationship: Your relationship: Contact address: Contact address: Tel: Fax: Tel: Fax: Email: Email: Declarations of Previous Criminal Convictions Failure to declare any criminal convictions as requested will result in terminating employment. Do you have any previous criminal convictions? Yes OR No If yes, please provide details: Have you have ever been investigated on any child protection issues? Yes OR No If yes, please provide details of this and the outcome: Declaration • I agree that any offer of employment is subject to satisfactory references. • I agree that Olturoto Children’s Village can hold and use personal information about me for the purposes of assessing my suitability for employment with the CCI. This information can be stored in either manual or computer form. • I confirm that information provided on this form and any attachments are to the best of my knowledge correct and complete. I understand that any information later discovered to be incorrect may result in the termination of any agreements made. • I confirm that I have understood the nature of work and that if employed, I will adhere with all child protection guidelines. Signature: ……………………………….….……………………… Date: ……………………………………….………

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